Thanks for all entries - Creative Swap is now closed for 2012
Creative Swap

Reasons to swap a creative

As a business sector the creative industry is all about taking in as many experiences, inspiration and new things to make sure what is being produced is the most cutting edge and creative it can be. What we produce is a by product of the world we live in and the inspirations and experiences we encounter on a daily basis.

There is no secret formula or process for being creative, everyone has their own ways to help foster this so in essence there is no worry about giving your secrets away.

If you really don’t see the benefits of sharing creatives maybe this isn’t the right site for you.

How it works - once you have registered we will group all submissions by location. We don't want people having to commute from Land's End to John o'Groats each day (registration closes Friday 7th September 2012).

Pairs - we then put all these matches into a giant hat (think one big enough to fit Bono) and then randomly select creatives two at a time. Why randomly? I hear you cry, well we wanted it to be more inclusive and fun, no one likes to be the kid that doesn't get picked.

Contact - we will inform you within plenty of time with who you've been paired with and more details about them and the company your precious talent will be swapped into. Giving you enough time to sort out any specific requirements, working hours, legal stuff, dietary requirements, hiding the silverware blah blah blah.

Swap - on Monday 24th September 2012 your creative employee will be swapped to work in the chosen paired creative companies studio/office/shed for 5 days (until Friday 28th September 2012) at the same time their creative employee will work in your company for the same period.

Work - what you have them work on is up to you but the more you can use their individual knowledge, skills and experience the more you will both benefit... remember it's meant to be a creative learning experience for everyone.

Legal - although this is all about sharing and connecting companies and individuals that normally may not have been connected, with both learning from each other equally we also want to make sure that you're protected so please read the Terms & Conditions and make sure no sensitive information is passed on. If you're really worried please sort out legal agreement and contracts directly with your paired company - we are not responsible for any legal issues or disputes during or after the swap.

How it came about

Creative swap is the brainchild of London based creative agency Sane & Able. It grew out of a misinterpreted website and also having a friend and in house designer for a PR agency work in our studio regularly as normally he's surrounded by PR peeps, account managers and non-creatives etc. and didn't want to lose touch with the creative process.

With social media encouraging more open communication and most industries wary of openness, the creative industry actually thrives on new experiences so the more open we can be the better. This is why we wanted to create a platform that allows all creative companies to get involved and learn from each other openly.

Long gone are the days where we have to huddle over our pads worried that our creative secrets and processes will be stolen and everyone else is the enemy.

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